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Stay connected and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with our feature-rich business phone systems. Whether you prefer powerful on-site office phone systems or cost-effective cloud-based business telephone systems, we can provide you with a flexible and reliable solution that integrates voice, messaging, presence, conferencing and applications into a single service.


Get a feature-rich phone system to be more flexible and boost productivity


Transform your legacy phone using a market-leading VoIP phone system.

Phone Systems For All Businesses

All businesses whether small or large require an effective telephone communication system.
The right telephone system can allow small businesses and startups to have the same communication capabilities as larger businesses.

Time To Upgrade?

Revolutionise the way you communicate with our cost-effective, flexible business phone systems.

Whether you want an on-premise or a cloud-hosted product, we’ll help you chose the best solution for your business.

Faults & Maintenance

We’re committed to our customers which is why, for more than 18 years, we’ve been working with the likes of Samsung, Mitel, Avaya and Gamma to ensure our customers get the best quality phone systems. Our friendly, UK-based 24/7 fault team are also on hand should you experience a problem.

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Tranditional handset or mobile app?

World-Class Phone Conectivity

If you’re looking for a powerful on-site contact centre or a solution for a 2 man office, we offer a variety of end-to-end solutions suitable for all types of businesses. If you want a cost-effective cloud-based system, we offer a feature-rich product which is flexible and allows you to add and choose users when required.

Fast & Easy Installation

When you work with PRP, our systems come ready to use with a minimum amount of training required..


We support all Samsung legacy systems and can help your business choose the right solution for tomorrow.

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Why you should choose PRP

It's no longer the case that technology innovation benefits corporate business. The accessibility of technology to businesses of any size means that everyone can get an edge with their operation by having efficient and effective solutions which make companies more profitable.


We combine straightforward solutions, including fibre broadband, mobile tariffs and phone systems, with friendly, helpful people to support businesses with their communications needs, now and as they grow.


As an independent provider, we work with all of the major telecommunications networks and suppliers, meaning we’ll always get the best deal in the market for our customers.


Our journey began in 2003 when PRP was founded and, pretty quickly, we got to grips the the huge growth in communications products and services. We've seen first hand how technology can transform.

Our Phone Systems choices will provide the perfect solution for you, lets go.