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Flawless Connectivity

Get fast business fibre optic broadband with our superfast connectivity solution.

Superfast is for those little extras. If you need a bit more reliability and faster speeds within your business, our unlimited broadband could be the ideal next step. It allows you to take advantage of VoIP products or cloud services. It gives you more, without the price tag.


Getting faster broadband for your team allows them to use all their applications, all the time.

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With better bandwidth your users won’t be left with a loading bar. Make the most of cloud applications.
What Is Superfast Broadband?

Also known as FTTC broadband or Fibre to the Cabinet, Superfast is just one of our optic business broadband solutions. Using optic broadband cables, FTTC connects to your business from the nearest green street cabinet to provide your premises with fibre optic broadband. As a result, it gives you increased speeds as the distance the data travels over copper wires is reduced.

What Does It Mean For You Business?

It means there’s more bandwidth, allowing you to embrace up-to-date technologies which can help you keep up with and even overtake your competition.

What About Data Limits?

Here is the good news. All of our fibre broadband deals come with unlimited broadband as standard so you can do more and extract everything out of your connection.

Perfect for seemless working from home

Perfect for working in any location

World-Class Productivity

Transform the way you do business with Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 comes complete with a whole host of new communication tools and collaboration features enabling you and your employees to work from anywhere, at any time. Plus, with secure backup and recovery, you’ll have complete peace of mind at all times.

Fast & Easy Work

Smartphone, PC, MAC, desktop or laptop? Whichever you use MS365 works.

Stay Connected

Modern workplaces include home working, hybrid and office based.

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Microsoft Teams

Keep your team working collaboratively wherever they are with Microsoft Teams.

Bespoke Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a scalable public cloud platform or a hybrid cloud solution, you can be confident

Full Fibre Internet

Full-fibre Ethernet does everything you’d ever want your data connection to do. Unlimited use and fast speed.

Microsoft - Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing provides VoIP calls and allows inbound and outbound calls.

Cyber Protection

Daily cyberattacks continually increase in frequency but you can be rest assured we’ll be monitoring service 24/7/365

WiFi +

Run your own private network and manage your POS devices while also providing a guest WiFi network.

Our broadband is the perfect solution for you, lets go.